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Carpet in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Find all your carpet needs at Carr’s Floor Trader Design Outlet! We are the area’s go-to store for in-stock carpet products and can connect you with professional installers. Whether you want to add a touch of softness to your bedrooms or add slip resistance to your stairs, we have all your carpet needs covered. Visit our showroom in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, today to start browsing our versatile carpet selections!


End of Story Premium Carpet in Bedroom


What Types of Carpet Are Available?


Selecting a type of carpet is easy with our knowledgeable team. With thorough product knowledge, design expertise, and years of flooring renovation experience, we ask the right questions to guide you toward your ideal solution. Your lifestyle, current space, design goals, and budget are all important factors when selecting a carpet type. With industry-leading carpet brands such as Shaw, Stanton Rug Display, and Dreamweaver, quality is always a priority. 

Berber Carpet


Berber carpet, with its unique style and cushiony comfort underfoot, is a fantastic choice for Fort Walton Beach. It comes in various pile heights and can be crafted as a level-loop or multi-loop carpet, depending on your preferences. Berber's natural strength and soil-hiding capabilities make it ideal for active areas in your coastal Florida home.

Cut & Loop Carpet


For residents of Fort Walton Beach, the durable Cut & Loop carpet option is a wise selection. It combines high-cut carpet fibers with lower-level loops to provide a rugged texture and superior durability. Many locals prefer this choice, often opting for patterned designs to enhance both style and functionality.

Frieze Carpet


Frieze carpet is known for its exceptional softness and features a cut-pile construction. The resilient, twisted fibers in frieze carpet work effectively to conceal dirt and maintain a clean appearance.

Patterned Carpet


Patterns have become a popular trend in carpeting, offering a unique way to express your personality within your home. Patterned carpets are not only stylish but also excellent at concealing stains and dirt, ensuring that your Florida abode remains both elegant and low-maintenance.

Saxony Carpet


In the coastal charm of Fort Walton Beach, Saxony carpets bring an air of luxury to your home. These cut-pile carpets offer both elegance and durability. Textured Saxony styles also resist wear, shading, and traffic patterns, making them a smart choice for any residence.

Shag Carpet


Shag carpeting, available in various yarn lengths – long, short, or mini shag – creates a casual and inviting atmosphere. Opt for a shag in medium and light traffic areas to achieve an informal, cozy look that complements the relaxed vibe of Fort Walton Beach.

Popular Carpet Styles in NorthWestern Florida


Durability is the number one need among our customers in Northwestern Florida. That’s why our bestselling carpet is a textured, low-pile carpet that’s tightly woven. This style wears well over time, even in active homes with kids and pets. Available in neutral hues, subtle flecks, or stylish patterns, you can achieve virtually any look you desire with this style of carpet. Ask our team for design recommendations based on your current space and your aesthetic goals. 

The Advantages of Choosing Carpet


Carpets remain a popular choice due to its variety of functional and design benefits, including the following:

Where Can I Install Carpet?


Thanks to modern technology, carpets are more stain and water-resistant than ever, allowing them to perform well in almost any room of your home—even in active homes with kids and pets. Fort Walton Beach customers tend to enjoy carpet the most in cozy bedrooms, but carpet can be installed in all of the following spaces:

Commercial Carpets for Your Fort Walton Beach Business


At Carr’s Floor Trader Design Outlet, we strive to bring carpet solutions for all types of spaces, including commercial carpets. Whether you plan to add carpets to add sound insulation in your office or want a cozy and slip-resistant floor for a hotel lobby, we have a variety of stylish commercial carpets. Choose from our durable line of Core Elements or browse our selection of carpet tiles. 

When deciding on a commercial carpet, consider a low pile for durability with flecks or a stylish pattern to hide dirt. Carpet tiles are a popular choice for commercial spaces because it’s easy to replace a single tile without ripping up the entire floor. Our knowledgeable team is happy to discuss your commercial flooring renovation and guide you toward the best-fit carpet for your needs!

Find Professional Carpet Installers in Fort Walton Beach


After you’ve chosen your carpet, we can help connect you with the area’s most reputable installers to finish the job with ease. While some of our more experienced customers prefer to DIY, we believe carpet installation is best left to the professionals to ensure longevity and avoid costly mistakes. Our local carpet installers come to your home at a convenient time and perform a swift and efficient job, involving:

Why Shop Carpet at Our Local Flooring Store?


When you shop at Carr’s Floor Trader Design Outlet, you know you are getting the quality you need with the customer service you deserve. As members of The Floor Trader, our 500-store buying power allows us to save on hundreds of readily available carpets, so your flooring renovation is easier than ever—all while being light on the wallet. 

Contact us today to start your carpet renovation. We proudly serve Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and the surrounding Okaloosa communities in the Emerald Coast!